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Staying safe online

Going online can provide children with fun and educational ways to learn, play and connect. Just as in the real world though there are also risks and dangers with using the internet that we need to help protect them from.

Top tips for keeping children safe online

  • Share online experiences. Spend time looking at their favourite websites and apps so that you can learn and explore together.

  • Reassure your child that they can come to you if they see anything online they are worried about.

  • Remind them to only communicate with people online who they are friends with in real life.

  • Privacy matters. Explain that it’s important not to share any of their personal information online, such as where they live or go to school.

  • Set parental controls on all your family’s phones, tablets, games consoles, computers and home internet. Find out more about how to do this at: https://www.nspcc.org.uk/keeping-children-safe/online-safety/parental-controls/

  • Encourage use of devices in communal family areas so that you can stay aware of how your child is using the internet and have the opportunity to share in their enjoyment of it.

  • Use airplane mode so that your child can’t make any purchases or interact with anyone online without your knowledge.

Where can I go to get support to help keep my child safe online?

There is a lot of support available to keep children safe online. Below are some useful links to help parents and carers:

Thinkyouknow is information from the National Crime Agency on how to stay safe online. You can choose from different websites with specially created advice depending on your child’s age. 

Internet Matters: https://www.internetmatters.org/advice
offers a range of options with age-appropriate advice.

https://www.childrenscommissioner.gov.uk/our-work/digital/5-a-day/Digital online safety and well-being check list.

https://www.nspcc.org.uk/keeping-children-safe/online-safety/Advice for parents on a variety of topics relating to e-safety.