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The Governors' Fund – Your questions answered

Each year we ask parents to make a contribution of £30 to the Governors’ Fund.

What is the Governors’ Fund?
As a Voluntary Aided School one of the responsibilities of the Governors is the upkeep of the premises including ongoing maintenance, any major building projects and school improvements.

These are not covered by the budget from the Local Authority so the school pays an annual contribution to the Southwark Diocesan Board of Education, who help us maintain and improve the building. This annual contribution is like an insurance policy and gives us access to funds to pay for bigger projects like roof repairs, upgrading the heating system and making improvements to classrooms.

Why do you ask parents and carers to contribute to the Governors’ Fund?
If we do not receive enough parent contributions, the money for the annual contribution to the Souuthwark Diocesan Board of Education will have to come from the main school budget, which means less money to spend on things like classroom resources and staff training.

What has the Governors’ Fund paid for recently?
Recent purchases and work has included:

  • Classroom alterations

  • Laptops and iPads for the children

  • A rewiring of the school

  • New windows

How do I pay my contribution to the Governors’ Fund?

Your Governor’s Fund contribution can be paid through SIMS Pay.

The Diocese expects a contribution of £5 each half term (£30 a year) for each pupil in a Church school.

  • £30 for the whole year OR £5 each half term for your first full-time child at St Margaret’s.

  • £15 for the whole year OR £2.50 each half term for part-time or your second, third etc child.

If you can’t afford your contribution at this time, we’re grateful for any contribution you are able to make.

If you pay income tax and sign a Gift Aid form we can get a further 25% from the government.

A huge thank you from us
We greatly appreciate all voluntary contributions, however small, as they help us to enhance and develop the learning environment for all the children who come to our school.

Thank you for your ongoing support