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Options for Nursery hours

We welcome new entrants in September and in January (if we have spaces available).


Three choices 
1. 15 hours free childcare per week

2. 30 hours free childcare per week (for working parents with a code obtained from http://www.childcarechoices.gov.uk)

3. Top-Up hours – you may wish to pay to top up the amount of time your child attends e.g. in addition to the 15 hours, you can pay for extra lunchtime sessions (£5) or for an am or pm session (£10). These prices are based on £4 per hour, but can only be taken in sessions as priced here.


A regular routine
We recommend that children take their 15 hours as 5 x morning or afternoon sessions, with one day per week being a full day. Having a similar routine each day gives a child a sense of stability. However, when evidence is given of working hours we can also offer an alternative arrangement of 15 hours, which may better suit working parents.