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We live in an ever changing technological world where children are frequently exposed to the many benefits of technology. At St Margaret’s, we aim to provide children with the skills and knowledge of how to safely and appropriately access the internet, whilst also developing their computational thinking and digital literacy.

We use Purple Mash as a tool for children to build knowledge, meaning that they are equipped to use information technology to create codes, programs, systems and a range of content. Alongside this, Purple Mash also allows children to present information in many different forms using a variety of software. The study of computing also allows children to express themselves and develop their ideas through different programmes. This eventually supports the transition to secondary school and equips children with valuable life skills that can be applied in the future.

Keeping safe online

At St Margaret’s, we believe and value the importance of e-safety to ensure that children understand that although the internet is a very useful tool, it must be used in a safe manner.  We teach children how to stay safe online and consistently incorporate this across the whole curriculum. This is always completed at an age appropriate level so that children can progress in their understanding and knowledge as they move through our school.

Primary National Curriculum – Computing

Subject Overview for Years 1-6: Computing