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Dear Parents and Carers

Google Classroom

If you are having any problems accessing Google Classroom for your child’s daily learning, please use the attached helpful guide. There is also a guide to logging onto Google Classroom using an Xbox or PlayStation.

Contacting your child’s teacher

Please see below the email address of your child’s class teacher if you wish to make contact about your child’s learning. Please note that the teachers will only be able to reply during usual school hours (Monday to Friday). As all the teachers are in school on certain days teaching the children of critical workers and vulnerable children, they may not be able to reply on that day. They will, of course, respond as soon as they are able. Thank you for your patience; please keep in touch.

Mrs Goodman (Nursery) –

Mrs Buss (Nursery) –

Mrs Boussaid (Reception) –

Miss Gwilliam (Reception) –

Mrs Galbraith (Year 1) –

Miss Stone (Year 1) –*

Miss Foley (Year 2) –

Mrs Pierrot (Year 2) –

Miss Mellon (Year 3) –

Mrs Hardie & Mrs Harvey (Year 3) –

Miss Peart (Year 4) –

Miss San (Year 4) –

Miss Renshaw (Years 5&6) –

Miss Thurbon (Years 5&6) –

Mrs Reeve (Years 5&6) –

*There is currently a technical issue with Miss Stone’s email address; this should be resolved soon.

Provision of laptops and tablets

We appreciate how difficult it is to share devices at home for the children’s home learning and also for your own work. A number of you have contacted us about receiving a device from school following announcements made by the government that they will be available for disadvantaged pupils. At present we have not received any laptops or tablets from the government. We hope that some will be delivered soon; however, our allocation is very small and there will be extremely limited availability. We will contact you if one becomes available and you meet the required criteria.

Face Coverings

Please remember that all adults, including parents and school staff, are now expected to wear a face covering when entering the school site, indoors and outdoors.

Best wishes
Jeremy Lunnon

How to access Google Classroom

Using Xbox or PlayStation to access Google Classroom

Free mobile data